Bridging the gap between Academy to Business

WiPTherm Project PI Prof. André Pereira was invited to talk about the addressing of academic and business perspectives, and identifying the core barrier and opportunities, which was englobed in a cycle of talks by the SAMCA Chair in Nanotechnology.

In an Era where Science is itself under a new paradigm in which carrying out applied and economically viable research is a constant challenge and a milestone of the leading European research, the academy and industry should establish a strong connection between them, the so-called Academy to Bussiness vector (A2B). In this talk, Prof. André will try to adress both academic and business perspectives, identifying the central barrier and opportunities. Finally, he will present an evolution case that originates from the academy research, leading to the formation of spin-off @ Porto University (inanoEnergy) in the nanotechnology field, ending with the current situation and explaining the future steps.

Talk given by Prof. André Pereira
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