First WiPTherm Review Meeting

WiPTherm consortium met virtually on 16th of December 2020 for the 1st Project Review Meeting by the European Commission.

In this meeting participated 27 elements from all WiPTherm partners: IFIMUP/FCUP, CeNTI, INESC TEC, XLIM/University of Limoges, University of Vigo, and 4 expertisers of the reviser board. The team presented in detail the work done so far, demonstrating results and achievements, regarding the first 12 months of lifetime of the WiPTherm project. The EU was represented by the WiPTherm Project Officer, Dra. Guadalupe Sepulcre, together with 3 experts from the fields of optics (Dr. Lombard Laurent), thermoelectrics (Professor Dr. Gao Min) and aerospace (Dr. Paolo Tortora).

Photo of the 1st Project Review Meeting with the European Commission

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