José Silva – CeNTI

Researcher @ CeNTI


José Silva holds a degree in Chemistry from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto, and since 2008 has worked as a researcher at CeNTI where he has developed R&D activities. Throughout his career, he has acquired skills in research, development and integration, through participation in different R&D projects (national and European) and conferences, accumulating experience and the necessary skills in the areas of processing, integration and characterization of conventional electronics in various structures, processing technologies and characterization of conventional printed and electronic systems/sensors using different types of substrates, synthesis of inorganic capsules and matrixes, for retention and release of active compounds, and in characterization techniques for organic and inorganic materials and structures. He is currently the Team Leader of the Printed Electronics Team, managing the work conducted in several projects, and performs functions related to the processing of organic and inorganic materials, through roll-to-roll and sheet-to-sheet printing technologies, and is also responsible for its morphological characterization.