António Marques – CeNTI

Researcher @ CeNTI


António Marques has a degree in Physics and a Masters in Micro and Nanotechnologies, and since 2010 has been an important part of Smart Materials and Systems team at CeNTI. Throughout his career, he has acquired skills in research, development, and integration, through participation in different R&D projects (national and European), conferences, seminars, and workshops. Throughout his journey, he has accumulated experience and skills in the areas of integration of printed and flexible electronics into various products, processing technologies and characterization of conventional printed and electronic systems/sensors using several types of substrates. Currently, performs duties related to the processing of organic and inorganic materials by printing technology, using roll-to-roll and sheet-to-sheet equipment’s, and is also responsible for their electrical characterization. He also has experience in search and preparation of patents, mentoring Master’s students, and is also involved as an expert in different programs supporting the Start-ups and SMEs.