Guillermo Rey – University of Vigo

Researcher @ Uvigo Aerospace Tech




Prof. Dr. Guillermo Rey Gonzalez (PhD) graduated as a mechanical engineer in the European University of Madrid. Since then Dr. Rey have worked in different engineering and software development companies for almost 15 years. Dr Rey began his PhD on the modeling of micro-CHP systems and their application to various types of vehicles, led by Dr. José Luis Miguez Tabarés Professor of Heat Engines at the University of Vigo and Dr. Carlos Ulloa Sande Assistant Professor at Defense University Center. Dr. Rey started his teaching role as Teaching Assistant in the Defense University Center at the Spanish Naval Academy in 2013, where Mechanical Engineering degree is taught. Dr. Rey presented his dissertation in 2016, the year he got a position as an assistant professor in the Defense University Center. Dr. Rey studied also a Grade in Aerospace Engineering in European University of Madrid and graduated in 2018. In 2019, he got a position in the University of Vigo, in Aerospace Area. Since then, Dr. Rey is an Assistant Professor in the School of Aerospace Engineering of University of Vigo.
Dr. Rey’s research career focuses on the research field of energy systems and dynamic simulation of energy and propulsion systems. He has published research papers regarding his thesis along with other members of his research group and he has participated in numerous national and international teaching and research conferences. Dr Rey is currently conducting research in the field of renewable energy applied to UAVs and their facilities. He is also developing research activities in nanosatellites thermal control systems.