Ana Pires – University of Porto

Researcher @ IFIMUP


Ana Pires graduated in Materials Engineering in the Department of Materials and Ceramic Engineering (DEMaC) of the University of Aveiro in 2010 and completed the Masters of Biomedical Materials and Devices in 2012 in the same University. Since 2013, does research in Magnetocaloric Materials at CFNUL (University of Lisbon Nuclear Physics Center) in close collaboration with IFIMUP (Institute of Physics of Materials of the University of Porto). From 2016-2019 performed their Ph.D. in Physics in the Institute of Physics of Materials of the University of Porto, incorporated in MAP-fis Doctoral program, in Energy Harvesting. Their scientific activity/research interests are focused on experimental Solid-State Physics and Materials Science and Engineering. More precise, in the transport properties studied such as electrical resistivity, thermoelectric power, thermal conductivity, and magnetoresistance. Production of micro-thermoelectric materials by solid-state reaction, 2D thermoelectric materials by Ion Beam Deposition, 0D thermoelectric materials by co-precipitation technique, and composites using 0D and 1D thermoelectric materials. Also, in the physics of cross-coupling effects in complex magnetic materials, i.e., the coupling of lattice, spin and other degrees of freedom in magnetocaloric, magnetostrictive and magnetoresistance compounds, production, macroscopic characterization, and local probe studies. Structural, magnetic, and electric phase transitions induced by temperature, magnetic fields, and/or pressure analysis.