André Pereira – University of Porto

Researcher @ IFIMUP




PhD in physics from Porto University (2010), Pod-doc Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Research Associate at Imperial College London (UK). Since 2015, Auxiliar professor at Porto University in the physics and Astronomy Department. During his scientific career he published 100 papers. He also wrote 2 book chapters. His h-index is 22, with a citation total of over 1300. André has 3 national and international patent applications under evaluation, gave 7 invited lectures in Universities and International Laboratories, presented 42 oral lectures and 46 posters in conferences and participated in several workshops and schools. He performed short- and long-term stages on diversified laboratories in several countries of Europe and at USA such as the Institute of Nanoscience of Aragon, CERN, Institute of Laeu Langevin, High Magnetic Field Lab, Minatec, Lab. Champ Magnetique Pulsé, Inst. for Science and International Security, European Synch. Radiation Facility and Argonne National Laboratory & Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He was the leader of 3 funded projects to perform experiments in Large Facilities. He participated in 18 projects (>6 M€), with 2 as Principal Coordinator, 2 as Local Coordinator and 14 as team member. Moreover, he is a national Cost Member of the ES1407 action. AMP is/was (co)-supervisor of 5 PhD students, 3 post-docs, 11 MSc theses and several BSc students (PEECs). He was also a member of the jury for 4 PhD and 5 Master’s Dissertations. He participates actively in the scientific divulgation in secondary schools, open days and Universities fairs. He organized national and international conferences and participated as a member of the scientific committee of an international conference. André is an evaluator of science infrastructure projects and technologies in the UK and romain, as well as scientific articles in several high impact journals. At the management level, André served as service director of the IFIMUP SQUID service, a member of the IFIMUP scientific committee, and is currently a member of the evaluation committee of the Integrated Masters in Physical Engineering at DFA-FCUP.