Vlad Dragos Darau – University of Vigo

PhD student @ Uvigo Aerospace Tech


contact: vdragos@uvigo.es


Currently implied in WipTherm as a complement to my doctoral research in Systems of Systems Engineering applied to aerospace projects.

Former Master Degree: Signal Processing in Communications Student at the University of Vigo, as part of a collaboration with various academic outputs.

3+ years of experience in research and work involving the following fields: cybersecurity (Geographic and temporal localization via Electric Network Frequency(ENF) variation, biometric authentication systems: face recognition algorithms), electronics & signal processing (ENF intelligent sensors design), aerospace software and hardware compliance(Python Unit Test Framework), Signal Processing(massive ENF database processing algorithm: MATLAB & Python), Systems Engineering(WiP: SoSE Framework for Cubesat Missions).

Interests/research activities: Machine Learning, Web Scraping, Smart Grids, IoT, 5G, Education(Psychopedagogy), Multi-modal Intelligent Transportation Systems, Systems of Systems Engineering.