Fermin Navarro-Medina – University of Vigo

Researcher @ Uvigo Aerospace Tech


Contact: fermin.navarro.medina@uvigo.es


PhD in Aerospace Engineering by Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, at the Institute of Microgravity “Ignacio da Riva” of Universidad Polit├ęcnica de Madrid (IDR / UPM). He has several publications in the field of civil aerodynamics, in relation to the aerodynamics of high-speed trains. He developed research activities in the field of spacecraft subsystems, carrying out collaborative stays as support for spacecraft thermal control in several missions of the European Space Agency (ExoMars, Solar Orbiter), at the Belgian Institute for Aeronomy Space, and at the Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics of the University of Kiel. He carried out teaching activities in Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Universidad Europea, and in Universidad de Vigo in different courses such as Thermodynamics, Space Thermal Control, Space Vehicle Design, Aerodynamics, Flight Mechanics, and Aerospace Vehicles in the aerospace engineering bachelor’s degree. His research activity focuses on civil and aeronautical aerodynamics, and on space technology of spacecraft subsystems, in the fields of structures, thermal control, power and attitude control, and mission analysis. He developed technical support to Norwegian University of Science and Technology for the nanosatellite Hypso and to University of Oviedo for a lunar rover. He was system manager of a picosatellite program EASAT2.